University Museum Announcements – Winter 1979

Originally Published in 1979

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Museum Institute for Conservation Archaeology (MICA)

The Museum Institute for Conservation Archaeology (MICA) has been formed at the University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, to act as a center for the investigation, preservation and manage­ment of historic and prehistoric proper­ties. MICA specializes in contracting for services required by the terms of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and Executive Order 11999 of 1971, as well as The Archaeological and Historic Preser­vation Act of 1974 as augmented in 1978.

Museum Expedition

Dr. Gregory Possehl has returned from India where he was invited to assist and advise the Archaeological Survey of India on the museum program in that country as part of a longer co-operative program between American academic institutions and the Archaeological Survey and National Museum of India.

Hellenic Cruise

There are still some vacancies available for the Museum’s Hellenic Cruise to archaeological sites in the Eastern Medi­terranean, departing March 13, 1979. The cruise is led by Martin Biddle, Director of the Museum, accompanied by Museum Curators who will lecture on the sites to be visited. These include sites where Museum expeditions have worked in the past or where excavations are in progress.

Return will be from Venice, via London, arriving Philadelphia on March 30. A spe­cial pre-cruise visit to Athens is planned for March 9 through 14 for those who wish to explore that city in depth and at leisure. The cost per person ranges from $2653 to $4178 (including all air fares), depending on size and location of cabin but not including a tax-deductible contribution to the Museum. Members interested in going on the cruise should call Mrs. Margaret Pugh—(215) 243-4023—as soon as possible.

Grant Received

The University Museum received a grant of $41,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities toward the cost of installing the exhibition: “The Search for Ancient Egypt.”

Reopening of the Elkins Library for University Museum Archives

Following extensive renovation, the Elkins Library in the Museum was re­opened by Dr. William L. Elkins on December 19, 1978 at the invitation of Mr. Howard C. Petersen, Chairman of the Board of Managers. The Elkins Library, which is part of the original University Museum building, will be used to house the Museum’s extensive archives.

Museum Exhibitions

The Third National Exhibition by Blind Artists is now being shown in the Oceanic Gallery of the Museum. It will continue until March 31, 1979. The exhibition will not run concurrently on a rotating basis between the Museum and the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped as previously announced.

“The Search for Ancient Egypt: A Special Exhibition Celebrating University Museum Excavations 1890-1979” will open on February 23, 1979 in the Pepper Hall of the Museum and will run for six months. Many important objects from the Museum’s Egyptian Collection will be on display for the first time. See “Grant Received” above.

The Lucy Wharton Drexel Medal

The Lucy Wharton Drexel Medal of the University Museum was presented to Prof. Homer A. Thompson of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, by Howard Petersen, Chairman of the Board of Mana­gers of the University Museum, at a dinner of the Museum Fellows on November 29. This award was for his contribution to the knowledge of Classical civilization and the archaeology and topography of the city of Athens. He was on the Agora staff from its beginnings in 1930, and he directed the work from 1947 to 1967. He has continued to produce notable publications of the excavation results. His other awards include an honorary citizenship of Athens and the gold medal of the Archaeological Institute of America.

The Drexel Medal was established in 1902 to further recognition of distinguished archaeological work by English-speaking scholars. Nineteen previous awards have been made, with living recipients being Richard S. MacNeish (1966), Ignacio Bernal (1971) and Grahame Clark (1974).

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