By: Robert H. Dyson, Jr.

Originally Published in 1983

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The many volunteers who participate in the wide range of activities of the Univer­sity Museum form an indispensable resource in carrying out the Museum’s dual mission of research and public education. Their tasks have included working in store­rooms, archives, installations, computeriz­ing the inventory, typing, filing, drawing, stringing beads, reorganizing collections, guiding visitors, and visiting schools on our behalf.

Beginning with this issue of Expedition and once a year hereafter, we should like to recognize all those who provide their time and effort as part-time volunteers in the Museum. In this first public appreciation we wish to mention Craig Biddle, Douglas Gould, Virginia Beggs and the late Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Brandt, who after many years recently moved on to Volunteer Emeritus status. The Museum is greatly indebted to them for their years of dedicated service.

Volunteer Guides

Wilfred Adey
Joan Bachman
Bertie Bell
Margaret Bender
Suzanne Bleecker
Phyllis Bogdanoff
Anne Butcher
Carmen Chappell
Shirley Clark
Eugene Cook
Elin Danien
Eileen Farrell
Pamela Fisher
Judy Friedman
Elaine Garfinkel
Lupe Gonzalez
Lyn Gordon
Mary Virginia Harris
Jennifer Herz
Jane Hochberger
Sande Hollin
Susan Horsey
Ginny Klein
Gail LaFrance
Missy McQuiston
Marietta Meltzer
Nancy Mundth
Esther Payne
Pearl Putzrath
Elizabeth Radoff
Peachie Rosenberg
Louise Seltzer
Gloria Segal
Shaner Reeta Shprintz
Kathy Sundheim
Marjorie Sundheim
Helen Winston
Ted Woal
Eugenia Wood

Mobile Guides

Fanchon Apfel
Phyllis Bogdanoff
Ruth B. Burns
Henry A. Castleberry
Ellen Crow
Marianne Cunningham
Elizabeth Esson
Miriam Finkel
Gertrude Fuchs
Terry Gordon
Marilyn Grant
Julia Haddad
Joyce N. Halley
Barbara Heller
Ellen Hymans
Rixey Jenkins
Marguerite Johnson
Jean Klein
Emily Levy
Harriet Lichtenstein
Ada Lloyd
Louise McGowan
Caroline Nassau
Lilian Orr
Jackie Patrizio
Anne Reilly
Myrtle S. Robbins
Sybilla Ruegenberg
Jean Sewell
Phoebe Sheftel
Sylvia Simelson
Jean Spitzer
Nancy Stephenson
Mary Lou Sullivan
Bess Lemma
Anne Walowitz
Elisabeth West
Doris Wilson
Jean Wilson
Brenda Zaslow

“Mummy Dusters”

Linda Ball
E. Natalie Birkinbine
Patricia T. Birkinbine
Julie Delaney
Milton Firestone
Edward G. Haack
Jill Jackson
Mary Jordan
Lucy Megrail
Evamarie Melwert
Joyce E. Mountjoy
Jane Sillcox
Joyce Simon
Cecelia M. Tluck

General Volunteers

Tamara Alexandrova
Leonard Berg
George Brooks
Lloyd Daly
Charles Detwiler
Helen Dworkin
Ann Evans
Beryl Felsher
Mary Alice Fernley
James L. Flanigan, Jr.
John Herrmann
Frances Keenan
Norton A. Kent
Virginia Klein
Felix Korsyn
Christie MacDonald
Dwight McNair-Scott
Barbara Roberts
Margaret Roberts
Catharine Ross
Billie Ruegenberg
Harriet Shaw
Sara Zaliman

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