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About the Curators

Abby Seldin, exhibition co-curator, is a graduate student at University of Pennsylvania, expecting a M.S. in Anthropology in May 2009. She served as a student co-curator of two previous exhibitions at the Penn Museum, Penn in the World: 12 Decades at the University of Pennsylvania Museum, and Trouble in Paradise: The Art of Polynesian Warfare (2006). She also curated Pecos Pueblo: Crossroads of Culture (2005) for the R.S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology in Andover, MA.

Chief Bob Redhawk Ruth exhibition co-curator, is currently serving his second term as Chief of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania (previous term from 1998-2003; current term began in 2007). He has worked for the Lenape Nation since 1976 as Coordinator of Public Outreach, Education Coordinator, Assistant Chief, and Sub-Chief. He is founder of Red Hawk Singers, and co-founder of Red Hawk Singers and Dance Troupe. He received a B.A in Music and Music Education from Combs College of Music in Philadelphia in 1975.

Shelley DePaul, exhibition co-curator, is the Language Director for the Lenape Nation and is one of the few people in the world who speak Lenape proficiently. She has worked for the Lenape Nation since 2005 as Genealogy Researcher, Historical Researcher, Lenape Language Specialist and Educator. She also participated in the organization of the Rising Nation River Journey and Treaty of Renewed Brotherhood of 2006. From 1979-1997 she worked as a public school teacher, and she currently works as a music instructor. Shelley DePaul received her B.S. in secondary education in 1979 from East Stroudsbourg University.