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The Treaty of Renewed Brotherhood

Many Pennsylvania Lenape believe that The Time of the Fourth Crow truly began with the Treaty of Renewed Brotherhood of 2002 and the Rising Nation River Journey. A three-week canoe trip along the Delaware River, the River Journey served to reintroduce the Lenape to their neighbors on the river and create excitement for the Treaty.

This treaty is not a legally binding document, but rather a declaration of a shared purpose. Treaty-signers, which include environmental groups, churches, historical societies, as well as many individuals, acknowledge the Lenape as the caretakers of their homelands and agree to assist in sustaining the Lenape people, language, and way of life for four years. Every four years the River Journey will be repeated and the Treaty will be renewed and signed by new and old friends of the Lenape. The next Treaty signing is scheduled for 2010.

Visitors to the exhibition and the website are invited to sign the Treaty of Renewed Brotherhood, and to help the Lenape gain footing in the Time of the Fourth Crow.