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The Greek House
Drinking Parties

Attic Red Figure Kylix
ca. 480 b.c.
The interior shows music and revelry. When the cup is rotated so that the shoulder drapery folds are vertical, the youth tilts drunkenly backwards. (132k) On the exterior, six party-goers sing and dance.(215k)

By the Foundry Painter and the potter Brygos
Probably from Vulci, Italy
MS 2445
H. 9.3; L. 30.8; Dia. 23.6 cm. Photos by Maria Daniels for the Perseus Project

Tarentine Red Figure Bull's Head Rhyton
ca. 350&endash;320 b.c.
On loan, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Because of its shape, this type of drinking vessel cannot be set down until it has been drained of its contents.
H. 15.0; L. 24.0; W. 13.0 cm. UM neg. 73814
Attic Red Figure Kylix
ca. 460 b.c.
By the Amphitrite Painter
Symposium musician with his seven-stringed lyre beside the fluted column of a building.
H. 4.0; L. 29.8; Dia. 23.0 cm.
Photo by Maria Daniels for the Perseus Project (165k)

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