The Hasanlu Publication Project was created to publish decades of previous research at the site of Hasanlu Tepe, Iran. Beginning in 1997, Michael Danti, currently a researcher at the UPM and professor of archaeology at Boston University, became involved with the project to assist Robert H. Dyson, former director of the Hasanlu Excavations, General Editor of the Publications Project, and a Director Emeritus of the UPM. In 2005, Danti was awarded a three-year grant from the White-Levy Foundation to produce the final excavation report on the Iron Age levels at the site dated to approximately 1400-800 BC. Danti’s first final report on the Medieval Ilkhanid settlement, entitled The Ilkhanid Heartland: Hasanlu Tepe Iran Period I, was published by the University of Pennsylvania Museum in 2002.

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