Inside the Project

An inside look at the Navajo Film Themselves project based on Sol Worth’s papers.

Here, you’ll learn what Worth, Adair, and Chalfen originally planned for the project, how the researchers found their students, as well as some of their motivations for participating in the project. In addition, you’ll find a day-by-day timeline of the project, based on Sol Worth’s field notes. You’ll also learn how the researchers planned to continue working with Navajo filmmakers in the future.

  • msb

    Will there be a streaming of the these “open labs” online? that would be wonderful!

    • Lynn

      We’ve thought about that but it’s a lot of space to cover. To be meaningful the streaming video would require a lot of oversight, which we can’t manage right now. However, we plan to post videos of some of the work on the Museum’s Youtube channel. Keep an eye out for that! And maybe, eventually, we’ll figure out the streaming thing – this is very much an evolving project.