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The Exhibit and Website

The Rodney S. Young Gallery

The Ancient Greek World Web presentation is based on an exhibit in the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology's newly renovated Rodney S. Young Gallery. The 1994 renovation of the gallery was under the general supervision of the Mediterranean Section's Chief Curator, Donald White. The overall conceptualization of that exhibit, which forms the intellectual basis for the present Web pages, was the joint effort of the section's permanent staff, consisting of White, Keith DeVries, Associate Curator, and David Romano, Keeper of the Mediterranean Collection, supplemented by Irene Romano, Research Associate, who served as a special consultant to the exhibit and Yelena Stolyarik, Research Associate. The introductory text for that exhibit was written by Irene Romano and Donald White was responsible for those subjects dealing with religion, daily life, trade and manufacturing, along with death and burial in Greek society. Responsibility for the coin descriptions indcluded in Trade and Manufacturing was jointly shared by Stolyarik and White. Important additional contributions were made to the text panels and lables by DeVries and to all other sections of the exhibit by David Romano.

Expedition Magazine

This presentation via the Web has been adapted from a special feature article in Expedition Magazine, volume #36, nos 2-3, entitled "The Ancient Greek World." It was compiled and produced by Lee Horne together with Jennifer Quick and presented select material which was extracted from the gallery's cases and text panels.

The material from this Expedition's feature has been adapted for the Web by the Museum's Websiters, the layout and design being the work of Alfred Hanssen and Zachary Christman.

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