In the Artifact Lab: Conserving Egyptian Mummies opened at the Penn Museum on September 30, 2012. In April 2017, the lab was re-branded to include a wider variety of artifacts from all sections in the Museum, and was re-named The Artifact Lab: Conservation in Action.

The Artifact Lab is divided into 2 areas: a working conservation lab enclosed in glass, and an accompanying public gallery space. From the gallery space, visitors can watch conservators at work on artifacts from the collection. The exhibit space includes a photomicrograph slideshow, and a slideshow containing information about the conservation process and ongoing activities, as well as a display on the Museum’s excavations in Egypt.

This blog is a companion to the Artifact Lab. Please check back often for updates on the objects being conserved and the projects happening in the lab.

For more information on the Penn Museum, please go to the museum’s website by following this link.