In the Artifact Lab is a new exhibit at the Penn Museum (it opened on September 30, 2012), featuring a working conservation space. In this space, visitors have the opportunity to watch a conservator at work conserving Egyptian mummies and related funerary items. The exhibit also includes cases of Egyptian artifacts, a Proscope station, where visitors can view samples of new and deteriorated materials under magnification, and a Smartboard, with information about the conservation process and ongoing activities. Twice daily, the conservator is available to speak with the public and answer questions (see FAQs section for more information).

This blog will be a companion to In the Artifact Lab. Please check back often for updates on the objects being conserved and the projects happening in the lab.

For more information on the Penn Museum, please go to the museum’s website by following this link.

To read about other projects, exhibits and objects in the Penn Museum, follow this link to Beyond the Gallery Walls, the Penn Museum’s blog.


WHO is working in the Artifact Lab?

Penn Museum conservation staff, including Project Conservator Molly Gleeson, Senior Conservator Lynn Grant, and Conservators Julia Lawson and Nina Owczarek.

Penn Museum’s Egyptian Section curators, including Curator Dr. David Silverman, and Associate Curators Dr. Josef Wegner and Dr. Jennifer Wegner.