University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Amy B. Trubek

From the Issue Editor

By: Amy B. Trubek

I remember studying for my first-year comprehensive exams in Penn’s doctoral anthropology program during a typically hot, muggy Philadelphia summer. Often secreted away in a study room at the Museum Library, I pored over the notes from courses I had taken in all the anthropological subdisciplines over the previous year. At some point in this […]

Food from Here

Struggles and Triumphs at the Farmer's Diner in Vermont

By: Amy B. Trubek

Eating is an agricultural act,” says essayist, novelist, and farmer Wendell Berry. What does this mean? Berry is renowned for his passionate belief that farming is key to the health of a culture and a society. His assertion forces us to reconsider an act that we generally assume to be commonsensical. Eating is surely about […]