Vol. 43 / No. 3

By: Ann Blair Brownlee and Jean MacIntosh Turfa

Etruscan Sandals: Fancy Footwear from the Sixth Century BC: What in the World

In October of 2002, three new galleries will join “The Ancient Greek World” to form a suite devoted to the […]

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Vol. 44 / No. 2

By: Charles A. Evers and Ann Blair Brownlee

Restoration & Renewal: Museum Readies Mediterranean Section Galleries for the 21st Century

There is a new sense of excitement in the Museum’s Mediterranean Galleries, which are devoted to the cultures of ancient Greece […]

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Vol. 47 / No. 1

By: Ann Blair Brownlee

What Was There Before the Museum?

It was a “wretched stretch of land” according to Dr. William Pepper’s biography. “One gray March days, in 1894, Dry. […]

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Vol. 50 / No. 1

By: Ann Blair Brownlee and David B. Brownlee

Penn in the World: Twelve Decades at the University of Pennsylvania Museum: Exhibit Notes

In the fall of 2006, we assembled a marvelously diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students from the Departments of […]

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Vol. 51 / No. 2

By: Ann Blair Brownlee

His Golden Touch: The Gordion Drawings of Piet de Jong

In 1957, the renowned archaeological illustrator, Piet de Jong (1887–1967), made his way to Gordion. Well known for his work […]

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Vol. 57 / No. 1

By: Ann Blair Brownlee and Lynn Makowsky

“…Very Best Inspirations of the Past”: The Wanamaker Bronzes

For more than 50 years, visitors to the Penn Museum have been welcomed by a large bronze classical statue, a […]

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