University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Beebe Bahrami

An Enduring Legacy: Robert L. Trescher Crafted the Modern Museum


By: Beebe Bahrami

Robert L. Trescher, Esq., opened many doors for individuals and institutions through-out his life. So it is entirely appropriate that his name is honored at the new entrance — the Trescher Entrance — of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. This welcoming space is a powerful reminder of Trescher’s years of service and visionary planning. His work at the Museum, as member and chairman of the […]

From the Editor – Winter 2002

By: Beebe Bahrami

I am deeply honored and delighted to be Expedition’s new editor and to help fulfill Expedition’s mission of advancing our understanding of the world’s cultural heritage, past and present. In this role, I will continue the tradition of high-quality articles in archaeology and anthropology, while helping to make the magazine more accessible to readers of […]

The Modern Celts of Northern Spain

By: Beebe Bahrami

When I Boarded the bus in Ferrol, Galicia, I asked the driver in Spanish, “Is this the bus to Cedeira?” He never looked at me but responded to my question in Gallego, the language of this northwest region of Spain. Gallego is related to both Spanish and Portuguese, though it is much closer to Portuguese. When I asked […]

Of Wives and Men: Two Debuts from the 12th Philadelphia International Film Festival

Film & Culture

By: Beebe Bahrami and Naomi F. Miller

MONDAYS IN THE SUN/ LOS LUNES EN EL SOL SPAIN, 2003, 113 MINUTES DIRECTED BY FERNANDO LEON DE ARANOA. WRITTEN BY FERNANDO LEON DE ARANOA AND IGNACIO DEL MORAL. One might think that Mondays in the Sun is a Spanish Full Monty in its exploration of the bruised psyches of out-of-work men, but to do so would miss […]

From the Editor

By: Beebe Bahrami

In this issue, we explore the Americas with features that reflect the changes in archaeology and anthropology from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries. Christine Ward discusses Chacoan-era archaeology in southeastern Utah and how it benefits from an expand‑ ed perspective of Ancestral Puebloans through regional focus, landscape archaeology, and comparative sites. William Wierz­bowski brings […]

From the Editor – Spring 2004

By: Beebe Bahrami

Key to understanding shamanism is recognizing that it is as much a technique as it is a worldview. What makes the study of shamanism all the more evocative is that it is a practice that can be participated in—for in shamanism, belief is secondary to experience. Consequently, the study of shamanism spans the complete spectrum […]

The Maya, Pashtun, and Egypt

Book News & Reviews

By: Greg Borgstede and Beebe Bahrami and Vanessa Smith

The Maya (seventh edition) The Maya (seventh edition) by Michael D. Coe (New York: Thames and Hudson, 2005). 272 pp., 186 illus, 20 in color, paper $22.50  ISBN 0-500-28505-5 Reviewed by Greg Borgstede, a Research Associate in the American Section of the Museum. This is a lavishly illustrated and updated version of the gold standard of introductory […]

Bear Daughter

Book News & Reviews

By: Beebe Bahrami

Bear Daughter by Judith Berman (New York: Ace Books, 2005). 422 pp., paper $16.00 ISBN 0441013228. Reviewed by Beebe Bahrami, a Cultural Anthropologist and a Writer of Fiction and Creative Non-fiction. If you have long awaited the next book from Ursula K. Le Guin (The Left Hand ofDarkness, The Earthsea Cycle) or Mary Doria Russell (The […]

Past/Present – Overwhelmed by Time

By: Beebe Bahrami

A big part of the magic of visiting a museum or archaeological site is the feeling of time shifting, of being transported to another era. No travel machines are required: our minds and bodies seem strangely ready to time-travel. Maybe it is because something strikes our emotions, not our intellects, and with that doorway open, […]