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Author: David Conwell

On Ostrich Eggs and Libyans

Traces of a Bronze Age People from Bates' Island, Egypt

By: David Conwell

(The Libyans] schemed to plot rebellion a second time, to finish their lifetime on the frontier of Egypt. They gathered the hill-countries and plains of their district. They laid death upon themselves [by coming] against Egypt… (Records of Ramesses III, translated by Edgerton and Wilson 1936:91) Introduction During the Mediterranean Bronze Age (ca. 2000 to […]

Ostrich Eggs

By: David Conwell

The exotic and easily recognized ostrich egg is found surprisingly often by archaeologists working all around the Mediterranean. Evidence for its use is found as early as the 7th millennium B.C. While it yields large amounts of protein and is thus best known as a dietary supplement, it has many other uses, and is therefore […]