University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Donald B. Redford

The Excavations of the University Museum Akhenaten Temple Project at Karnak

By: Donald B. Redford

The largest single ruin-site in Egypt is located at modern Luxor on the Nile 450 miles south of the Mediterranean Coast. Called in ancient times, “Victorious Wese” or simply the “Southern City,” and dubbed “Thebes” by the Greeks, Luxor comprises three great complexes of ruins intersected by the river. On the east bank stand two […]

The Akhenaten Temple Project and Karnak Excavations

By: Donald B. Redford

Scholarly study of the reign of Akhena­ten, pharaoh of Egypt (ca. 1375-1357 B.C.), has focused with justification on the last thirteen years of his life and the new capi­tal he founded in Middle Egypt at Amarna. Investigation of this latter site is rendered difficult, however, by the fact that the city was almost completely razed […]