University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Ellen L. Kohler

An Etruscan Tomb-Guardian

By: Ellen L. Kohler

The Etruscans are still a mysterious people to us because at the present state of our knowledge we cannot answer the question of their origin. This, our misfortune, is partially due to the fact that twelve cemeteries are all that remain of the great loose confederacy of twelve cities which thrived in Central Italy in […]

Ultimatum to Terracotta-Forgers

By: Ellen L. Kohler

On the shelves of the classical study-storage a remarkably beautiful terracotta figurine has stood for many years. The figure is that of a maiden resembling a Greek┬ákore in a sleeved chiton and a himation, and with one foot placed ahead of the other. Her right hand could once have held a flower, or perhaps an […]