University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Fredrik T. Hiebert

In Search of Anau’s Past

Research Notes

By: Fredrik T. Hiebert

Before the Russian Revolution, a seventy-year-old American geolo­gist named Raphael Pumpelly headed up one of the first scientific excavations ever mounted in the Near East. He traveled to the large desert basin of Cen­tral Asia, north of Iran, to the site of Anau in Russian Turkestan. Pumpelly was accom­panied by a botanist, a zoologist, his […]

On the Track of the Ancient Silk Road

By: Fredrik T. Hiebert

Driving westward from Tashkent (the modern capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan) to the ancient city of Samarkand, way station on the so-called Silk Road, is an amazing experience for any archaeologist who has heard about the fabled route. Samarkand is located on thick bluffs of fine loess silt along the Zarafshan River, and appears […]

Unique Bronze Age Stamp Seal Found in Central Asia

What in the World

By: Fredrik T. Hiebert

The University of Pennsylvania Museum Central Asia archaeology project has recently completed its third season of investigation at Anau depe in Turkmenistan. This region, part of the Soviet Union for most of the 20th century, was surrounded by ancient literate civilizations—China, the Indus valley, Mesopotamia, and Iran. Although the ancient societies of Central Asia also […]

Eurasian Archaeology

By: Fredrik T. Hiebert

This issue of Expedition highlights recent research in three distinctly different en­vironments of Eurasia: the Black Sea coastal region, the treeless steppe region of Kalmykia north of the Black Sea in southern Russia, and the forest zone of Russia still further north. In­creased access to research areas in the former Soviet block, new access to […]

Black Sea Coastal Cultures

Trade and Interaction

By: Fredrik T. Hiebert

Trade and Maritime Space The study of ancient trade has greatly enhanced our understanding of the de­velopment of civilizations. In some cases long-distance trade has been proposed as the critical element in fostering the emergence of early states and other polities. For the most part, trade has been investigated within the Limits of the territory […]