University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Gabriel H. Pizzorno

Gordion in History

By: Gareth Darbyshire and Gabriel H. Pizzorno

According to ancient writers, Gordion is the place where, in 334/3 BCE, Alexander the Great cut the famous Gordian Knot and fulfilled a prophecy to become the ruler of Asia. Gordion is also linked with Midas, the Iron Age king of the late 8th century BCE, who in later Greek mythology is cursed with the […]

Building Digital Gordion

Coping with the Past in the 21st Century

By: Gareth Darbyshire and Gabriel H. Pizzorno

Ever since the Penn Museum began excavations there in 1950, Gordion has remained a key site for the archaeology of 1st millennium BCE Anatolia. The significance of the site derives from the intrinsic historical importance of the place—a longstanding center of power and population—and from the long-running excavations that have revealed the physical dimensions of […]

Taming the Beast

The Digital Gordion Mapping Project

By: Gareth Darbyshire and Gabriel H. Pizzorno

Gordion, in central Turkey, is the largest and longest-running of the Penn Museum’s many excavation projects. An ancient site of great historical significance, Gordion was occupied for 5,000 years from the Early Bronze Age (ca. 3000 BCE) through to modern times. Its high point was in the Iron Age (the early first millennium BCE) when […]