University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Karen S. Rubinson

The Textiles from Pazyryk

A Study in the Transfer and Transformation of Artisitc Motifs

By: Karen S. Rubinson

Winters are cold and sum­mers brief at the site of Pazyryk in the Altai Moun­tains of Siberia. Here, in a high valley of their summer pastures, a group of horse-riding nomads once buried their dead, and with them, a rich assortment of local and im­ported goods that reflected the wealth and status of the deceased. […]

Herodotus and the Scythians

By: Karen S. Rubinson

The Greek historian Herodotus (490/480-425 B.C.], in his History of the Persian Wars, included an excursus on the ethnography of the Scythians and other nomadic groups with whom the Greeks were familiar. Some of the information which Herodotus provided about these nomadic peoples he apparently had gathered during his own trip to the Black Sea […]