University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Kenneth D. Matthews

A Boy’s First Shave

By: Kenneth D. Matthews

Although it is suggested that this marble bust from the University Museum’s collections was found on Cyprus, the pleasant-looking young man represented cannot thus far be identified. The very existence of his portrait shows that his family had some social status but his family name and the personal name by which his parents and school […]

Scutella, Patella, Paterna, Patina

A Study of Roman Dinnerware

By: Kenneth D. Matthews

Arranging an old-fashioned Roman orgy is not easy. Aside from certain perhaps awk­ward moral considerations there are other com­plications worth considering in the realm of authenticity. Assuming that both spirit and flesh are willing, there still remain the problems of food and the types of table service. On the matter of food preparation great assistance […]

The Imperial Wardrobe of Ancient Rome

By: Kenneth D. Matthews

To protect his Danubian provinces, the Em­peror Marcus Aurelius personally led campaigns against the Marcomanni from A.D. 166 to 172 and from 177 to 180. The costs of the war could not be sustained by the depleted treasury, so Marcus decided upon a public auction! The goods would come from the imperial palace. Actually on […]

Roman Aqueducts

Technical Aspects of their Construction

By: Kenneth D. Matthews

The aqueducts of ancient Roman times represent the efforts of government to provide city dwellers with an abundant supply of one of life’s necessities—water. Lacking any real understanding of the science of hydraulics, Roman en­gineers and builders were nevertheless able to construct long water channels of sufficient size and sturdiness to supply a city such […]