University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Linton Satterthwaite

Maya “Long Count” Numbers

By: Linton Satterthwaite

The new earliest “Long Count” or “Initial Series” date on Tikal Stela 29 is transcribed as “ 13 Men 3 Zip.” We here compare it with a random date in our own Christian Civil Calendar system, hoping to bring out similarities as well as differences for the edification of the mildly curious reader. The left […]

Note on Hieroglyphs on Bone From the Tomb Below Temple I, Tikal

By: Linton Satterthwaite

Hieroglyphs incised on bone artifacts from the spectacular Burial 116 below Temple I, Tikal, constitute a major increment to the corpus of Maya texts. In this note, references are to Figures in Aubrey S. Trik’s account of their recent discovery in this issue of Expedition. They are unique in being a collection made by the Maya of […]

Maya Practice Stone-Carving At Piedras Negras

By: Linton Satterthwaite

The five numbered “Miscellaneous Sculptured Stones” illustrated here were gathered by Museum expeditions to Piedras Negras, Guatemala, in the ’30’s. The site was already famous for the high quality of its sculptured monuments, and more were found by these expeditions, including carved fragments of monuments of known types which had been broken up and then […]

J. Alden Mason

January 14, 1885—November 7, 1967

By: Alfred Kidder, II and Linton Satterthwaite

The death of J. Alden Mason brought sadness to all of his colleagues at the University Museum and to many of his fellow anthropologists. As Linton Satterthwaite has written below, Alden had an enormously wide and varied acquaintance in many parts of the world, especially in the Americas. He was one of the ever decreasing […]