Vol. 57 / No. 2

By: Marie-Claude Boileau

Engaging Students in Original Scientific Research: In the Labs

Last spring, the Ceramics Laboratory in the new Center for the analysis of archaeological Materials (CAAM), was a hotspot for […]

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photo of Mastrangelo

Vol. 58 / No. 3

By: Marie-Claude Boileau and Katherine M. Moore

Highschoolers Take Over the CAAM Labs: In the Labs

For two weeks last summer, the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM) and the Museum’s Learning Programs Department […]

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Vol. 60 / No. 1

By: Marie-Claude Boileau

Analyzing Slipper Coffins from Nippur: In the Labs

The opportunity to analyze, with my students, amazing glazed ceramic coffins from Nippur—some of the iconic objects featured in the […]

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Vol. 61 / No. 2

By: Marie-Claude Boileau, Moritz Jansen, Janet Monge, Katherine Moore and Chantel White

In the Labs: Celebrating Five Years of CAAM

AS A JOINT ENDEAVOR between the Penn Museum and the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences, the Center […]

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Vol. 62 / No. 3

By: Marie-Claude Boileau, Justin Lynch and Yuyang Wang

Late 18th- to Early 19th- Century Flowerpots at The Woodlands

FLOWERPOTS—earthenware pots that are built to contain plants, not to be confused with ornamental urns—have a long history that dates […]

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Vol. 65 / No. 2

By: Marie-Claude Boileau and Vaughn Ortner

Hopeful Science in Bleak Times: The Legacy of the WPA Laboratories During the Great Depression

During the 1930s, millions of Americans struggled to sustain themselves economically due to the manifold challenges of the Great Depression. […]

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