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Author: Matt Tomlinson

Reversing Anthropology

Book News & Reviews

By: Matt Tomlinson

Reverse Anthropology: Indigenous Analysis of Social and Environmental Relations in New Guinea by Stuart Kirsch (Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press, 2006). 296 pp., 24 illus, paper, $21.95, ISBN 0-804-75342-3, cloth, $55.00, ISBN 0-804-75341-5. This is an ethnography of rare moral force. Stuart Kirsch works with the Yonggom, a people who face daunting dilemmas from both […]

A Consuming Tradition

Kava Drinking in Fiji

By: Matt Tomlinson

Like people in many other times and places, indigenous Fijians are firm believers in a glorious but disappeared past. In the old days, many Fijians say, the ancestors were big and strong, everyone worked together on communal projects, and chiefs had unquestioned authority. In the present, by contrast, people see comparative weakness and disorder. The […]