University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Peter Throckmorton

Underwater Surveys in Greece

Photo of diver working underwater

By: Peter Throckmorton and John M. Bullitt

During the winter of 1961-62, Admiral Th. Voutsaras, President of the Federation Hellenique…des Activities Subaquatiques, received reports of a group of ancient columns lying on the sea bed off Cape Spitha, the northernmost point of Sapienza Island, about a mile from the small port of Methone on the southwestern Peloponnesus. Amphoras and amphora sherds were also […]

The Great Basses Wreck

By: Peter Throckmorton

When I arrived in Ceylon, a great deal of preliminary research had been done by Arthur Clarke and Mike Wilson on the problem of identifying the Great Basses shipwreck. With the help of Major R. Raven-Harte, an expert on the history of Ceylon, they had established that the Dutch East India Company had used Surat […]

More Lost Ships

By: Peter Throckmorton

This article was written before the Throck­mortons returned to Greece last spring. We have just received a note from Mr. Throck­morton in which he says that the work of the summer of 1970 was a more detailed study of the same problems, with the additional use of a Proton Magnetometer, in collaboration with Professor E. […]