Vol. 12 / No. 1

By: Philip P. Betancourt

The Age of Homer: An Exhibition of Geometric and Orientalizing Greek Art

The Greek Bronze Age ended in violent disarray. Most of the Mycenaean fortresses were burned or abandoned within the space […]

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Vol. 26 / No. 1

By: Philip P. Betancourt, Mary G. Ciaccio, Brigit Crowell, Jean M. Donohoe and R. Curtis Green

Ceramic Stands: A Group of Domestic and Ritual Objects from Crete and the Near East

Cylindrical stands for pottery were used by several ancient cultures in the eastern Mediter¬≠ranean, but their development among the Minoan […]

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Vol. 32 / No. 3

By: Philip P. Betancourt

The Stone Vessels of Pseira

“Never…have I seen so many stone vases in so short a time.” Richard Seager, letter to Edith Hall from Pseira, […]

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photo of painting

Vol. 58 / No. 3

By: Marie Nicole Pareja, Philip P. Betancourt, Vili Apostolakou, Thomas M. Brogan and Andrew J. Koh

Aegean Dyes: Unearthing the Colors of Ancient Minoan Textiles

Bronze Age Clothing in Minoan Crete was multicolored and made from intricately woven textiles. Until now, our only evidence related […]

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