University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Susan A. Kaplan

Introduction – Winter 1984

By: Susan A. Kaplan

Eskimos and North American Indians first came to the attention of Europeans ca. A.D. 1000, when the Norse journeyed to the coasts of Greenland and North America. The Norse called the strangers they encountered on the shores “skraelings,” and noted that when skraelings were wounded they turned white but did not bleed (Gad 1971:88). Beginning […]

An Eskimo Whaling Outfit From Sledge Island, Alaska

By: Susan A. Kaplan and Richard H. Jordan and Glenn W. Sheehan

In 1912 William B. Van Valin, an elemen¬≠tary school teacher stationed in Sinuk, Alaska, ushered his students aboard the schooner New Jersey. The class sailed to Sledge Island, or Ayak, a small uninhabited island off the south coast of Seward Peninsula (see map on p. 5), to have a picnic celebrating the end of the […]