University Museum Research Projects – Spring 1985

Originally Published in 1985

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Storage jar with floral motif from the later settlement at Rojdi (ca. 1400 B.C.).

Rojdi, India—excavation
Director: Dr. Gregory Possehl (Asia Section, University Museum)
Sponsors: University Museum, Gujarat State Department of Archaeology

The third season ofexcavation at Rojdi, a town of the Harappan civilization in Gujarat State. western India, took place during January and February 1985. Dr. Possehl and a team of ten Americans, mostly from the University of Pennsylvania, were joined at the site by a team from the Gujarat State Department of Archaeology.

Excavations continued on the South Extension of the site. The town, which dates to about 15(X) B.C., was uncovered further, and the remains of this planned settlement were completely mapped. During excavation an earlier town was also discovered, along with a number of in situ complete pots associated with this earlier settlement. Some of these vessels have interesting, even spectacular designs which have never been found before.

The excavation on the South Extension and on the Main Mound produced thousands of animal bones and an expanded corpus of prehistoric. seeds. These will be used to reconstruct the ancient subsistence system at Rojdi.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hastings who participated in this season’s work established a small computer “Center” in their hotel room in Rajkot, the city nearest to the excavation. We believe that this is the first time that a computer has been brought near enough to an Indian archaeological excavation for there to have been the potential for daily interaction between the field crew and the “Center.”

Line drawing of a fragment of an inscription from the Temple of Ramesses II at Abydos. Copied in January 1985.

Abydos, Egypt: Ramesses II Temple—field recording and study
Director: Dr. David Silverman (Egyptian Section, University Museum)
Sponsors: University Museum, Yale University

The University Museum has maintained an expedition to the ancient city of Abydos in southern Egypt since 1967. Under the co-direction of Dr. David O’Connor of the University and Dr. William Kelly Simpson of Yak University, the expedition has excavated memorial chapels of the Middle Kingdom and a temple built by Ramesses II of the New Kingdom, and has surveyed the town site of the Old Kingdom.

The 1984-85 season, under the direction of Dr. Silverman, was devoted to the copying of all the inscribed material excavated by Dr. O’Connor during his work at the temple of Ramesses II. This epigraphic expedition recorded scenes and inscriptions still in situ at the temple, as well as those on the over 25(X) blocks and fragments stored in the magazine of Penn-Yale The inscriptional material consists of royal titulary, ritual texts, and formulaic- prayers. Some of the small fragmentary pieces, containing only hits of text, arc more difficult to categorize. A few of the blocks have proven to be re-used, and one can see both the original carving, as well as the later, which dates to Ramesses II. The iconography focuses mainly on ritual scenes involving offerings, the king, and deities. Further work, study, and translation of the texts should aid in determining the function of this link known temple of Ramesses II.

Current Fieldwork

County Wicklow, Ireland—survey & field research
Director, B. Wailes (UM)
Sponsor, University Museum

La Quinn, France—survey & field research
Assoc. Director, H. Dibble (UM)
Co-sponsors, University Museum, University of Arizona, University of Bordeaux, Musée des Antiquités Nationales

Gla, Greece—excavation
Director, S. lakovidis (UM)
Sponsor, Archaeological Society at Athens; participation by and training of University of Pennsylvania students funded by University Museum

Wadi al-Jubah, Yemen—survey & test excavation
Chief Archaeologist, J. Sauer (UM); Field Directors, J. Blakely (Univ. of Pennsylvania), A. Ghaleb (Univ. of Sanaa)
Sponsors, American Foundation for the Study of Man: participant, University Museum

Gritille, Turkey—excavation
Director, R. Ellis (Byrn Mawr College); Senior Archaeologist in Charge of Excavation, M. Voigt (UM)
Sponsors, Bryn Mawr College, University of North Carolina: participant (1981-84), University Museum

Abydos, Egypt
a) excavation of core area
Directors, D. O’Connor (UM)., W. K. Simpson (Yale Univ.)
Sponsors, University Museum,
Yale University

b) regional survey
Supervisor, D. O’Connor;
Director, D.C. Patch (UM)
Sponsors, University Museum, Yale University

Marsa Matruh, Egypt—survey
Director, 0. White (UM)
Sponsor, University Museum

Thailand Archaeometallurgy Project—survey
Directors, V. Pigott (UM), P. Charoenwongsa, S. Natapintu (Thai Fine Arts Dept.)
Sponsors, University Museum, Thai Fine Arts Dept.

Northern Thai Ethnohistory Project—survey & field research
Director, H. Peters (UM)
Co-sponsors, The Institute for the Study of Human Issues, Tribal Research Center in Thailand, University Museum

The Bugis, South Sulawesi province, Indonesia—anthropological & ethnographic study
Director, W. Davenport (UM)
Sponsor, University Museum

Mthangkabau, West Sumatra anthropological/ethnohistorical study
Director, P. Sanday (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
Sponsor, University Museum

Silver Reef, Utah—excavation & archival research
Director, R. Schuyler (UM)
Sponsor, University Museum

Bay of Honduras, Central America—survey
Director, R. Sharer (UM)
Sponsor, University Museum

Analysis and Publication Projects

Dun Ailinne, Ireland—
B. Wailes (UM)

University Museum collection of Greek & Greek-related figured pottery—Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum
K. DeVries, R. Edwards

(UM) Gordion, Turkey
Committee, R. H. Dyson, Jr., K. DeVries, K. Vellucci (UM), M. Mellink (Bryn Mawr), K. Sams (Univ. of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill); Series Editor, E. Kohler

Sumerian Dictionary Project
Director, A. Sjoberg (UM); co-investigators, E. Leichty, B. Eichler (UM)
Sponsors, NEH, William Penn Foundation

Sarepta, Lebanon
J. Pritchard (UM)

Tell es-Sa’idiyeh, Jordan
J. Pritchard (UM)

Tell Hesban, Jordan
Principal Investigator, J. Saner (UM)
Sponsor, Andrews University (MI):
participant, University Museum

Baq’ah Valley, Jordan
P. McGovern (UM)

Hasanlu Project, Iran
Committee, R. H. Dyson. Jr.. Maude de Schauensee, Mary Virginia Harris, Mary Voigt (UM)
Sponsors, University Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Iranian Center for Archaeological Research

Malyan, Iran
Director, W. M. Sumner (Ohio State Univ.)
Sponsors, University Museum, Ohio State University

Tepe Hissar, Iran
R. H. Dyson, Jr. (UM)
Sponsors, University Museum, Turin University, Iranian Center for Archaeological Research

Tepe Hissar Skeletal Material
E Johnston (Univ. of Pennsylvania), MASCA

Cyrene, Libya
D. White (UM)

Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan
G. Dales (Univ. of California, Berkeley)
Sponsor, University Museum

Ban Chiang, Thailand
Possehl, J. White (UM)
Sponsors, University Museum, Thai Fine Arts Department

Solomon Islands, S. Pacific
W. Davenport (UM)

Iron Production in the Northeastern United States
Schenck (UM), MASCA

University Museum North American collections
S. Kaplan (U M)

Tikal, Guatemala
W. Coe (UM)

Quirigua, Guatemala
R. Sharer (UM)

Verapaz Survey, Guatemala
B. Sharer (UM)

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