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Penn Museum Film Archives in collaboration with the National Museum of the American Indian Film and Video Center and the Center for Culture and Media at NYU will be presenting two films of the series Intrepid Shadows and The Spirit of Navajos, Sunday December 2 at the American Museum of Natural History. The Margaret Mead Film Festival theme for 2012 is Whose Story is it?  which seems a good fit for this project.

Speaking on this panel, which is moderated by Elizabeth Weatherford, (NMAI)  will be Mark Deschinney from the Pine Springs Community Association, Teresa Montoya (NYU), Richard Chalfen (Temple University emeritus) and Kate Pourshariati, Film Archivist, Penn Museum.

The moderator was Faye Ginsburg, NYU

Logo for Margaret Mead Film Festival 2012
 A screening sponsored by the Pine Springs Community Association and Teresa Montoya of NYU took place in January 2013, as reported in the Navajo Times