University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Erle Leichty

A Remarkable Forger

By: Erle Leichty

A few years ago Professor Aaboe of Yale University and Professor Sachs of Brown Univer­sity dedicated an article to a most distinguished colleague with the sobriquet M.M.E. Needless to say, this rather cryptic titulary did not stem from the queen’s honor list nor did it have any relation to Mechanical Engineering. In this par­ticular case the […]

Geraldine Bruckner

An Appreciation by Past and Present Expedition Staff

By: Erle Leichty and James Muhly and Barbara Murray and Martha Phillips and Jennifer Quick and Bernard Wailes

Geraldine Bruckner, aged eighty-two and Expedition’s Associate Editor, died on 9 August 1983 after a short illness. It would be fair to say that The University Museum has lost an institution, as Geraldine had worked here continuously since 1921 and was a living respository of Museum history and lore. It was particularly appropriate that Geraldine […]

The Sumerian Dictionary

The Curators Write

By: Erle Leichty

Just above the Kress gallery in the north­east corner of The University Museum lies a little frequented area of the building. Despite the constant flow of traffic to and from the business office across the hall, few strangers find their way behind the cage with its polite warning: “Please do not feed the Assyriologists.” If […]