University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Frank L. Lambrecht

The Pastoral Nomads of Nigeria

By: Frank L. Lambrecht

No matter how far the town, there is another beyond it.” – Fulani proverb Little affected by western ideas and technology that are fast changing the traditional life of most African ethnic groups, the Nigerian cattle people of the north have stubbornly kept to their seasonal migrations as they have done for untold centuries. Pastoral […]

Kalahari Desert Trek Notes

From Lobatsi to Tsodilo Hills

By: Frank L. Lambrecht

Except in relation to the surrounding countries of the Republic of South Africa, Rhodesia and South West Africa, the Repub­lic of Botswana (ex Bechuanaland Protector­ate) rarely makes the headlines. The greatest part of the country is occupied by the Kalahari Desert, a desolate expanse but for the fringing areas in the north where they border […]


A Report on a Vanishing Culture in the Northeastern Corner of the Congo Basin as it existed in 1948

By: Frank L. Lambrecht

In the northeastern corner of the Congo Basin rainforest lies a region known as Kibali-Ituri named after the two rivers that drain the waters of its valleys. Here the northern savannas make deep inroads into the forest, creating a mozaic of forest relicts. In turn, the forest penetrates into savanna country over long distances along […]