Vol. 10 / No. 2

By: John Witthoft

Flint Arrowpoints: From the Eskimo of Northwestern Alaska

Introduction Knowledge of the Stone Age grows by slow steps. Tools and techniques of ancient men are unfamiliar to us, and we […]

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Vol. 11 / No. 2

By: John Witthoft and Frances Eyman

The Wyoming Expedition of 1968

The Shoshone, like many other nomadic peoples of the Plains and the Rockies, are scarcely known to archaeology. Their ways […]

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Vol. 11 / No. 3

By: Frances Eyman and John Witthoft

Metallurgy of the Tlingit, Dene, and Eskimo

Tlingit ethnographic collections include large numbers of copper objects in many types, most of them made from the commercial copper […]

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