University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: McGuire Gibson

Nippur 1972-1973

By: McGuire Gibson

Southern Iraq, ancient Sumer and Akkad, is a land of contrasts. Rapid modernization has brought tractors, new crops, and indus­trial factories. But certain agricultural and irrigation practices, construction techniques, and many other details take one back thou­sands of years. Change amidst stability, or stability despite change, may be said to char­acterize not only today, but […]

The Twelfth Season at Nippur

By: McGuire Gibson

About the time a report on the eleventh season of the Oriental Institute’s expedition to Nippur was appearing in Expedition (Fall, 1973, pp. 9-14), the twelfth campaign was beginning. In the current seasons we are concentrating on the West Mound, a part of the city that has not been investigated since the University of Pennsylvania […]