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Penn Museum Blog - Silk Road

Get the latest updates from behind the scenes at the Penn Museum as they prepare for the landmark exhibition Secrets of the Silk Road on the Penn Museum blog. Museum staff share insight and perspectives with our online community about their experiences around the development of the exhibition.


If you’ve ever visited the Museum, you’ve probably seen many people with Museum IDs coming in and out of mysterious doors marked “Staff Only.” Now you can follow us through the fourth wall, into our laboratories, storage areas, and offices to see how the Museum works.


Did you know only 2% of our collections is on display?
The activity that goes on behind the gallery walls: research, conservation, lab work, events and exhibition planning, is what really makes the Museum run. With a collection of a million objects, over 400 research expeditions around the world, 2,500 feet of archival records, an active events schedule, countless conservation projects, a veritable cavalcade of archaeology and anthropology exhibitions, the Penn Museum staff are rarely at a loss for content.


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Silk Road Blog Follow Jeremy Pine, PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Anthropology, as he blogs from China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Jeremy's research explores the political and social connections along the contemporary Silk Road that enable average people access to goods to provide for their families. Follow the blog.