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Resources - For Teachers

High School ActivitiesHigh School Activities (pdf)
These pre-visit and post-visit activities, an addendum to the Secrets of the Silk Road Educators' Guide, are designed especially for high school educators to implement in their classrooms.

Educator's GuideEducator's Guide (pdf)
This Educators’ Guide will support and enrich your classroom’s visit to the Secrets of the Silk Road exhibition at the Penn Museum. The booklet’s five units, each with pre-visit and post-visit activities, correspond to the layout of the exhibition. Each activity connects to National Academic Standards, covering a range of subjects across the curriculum.

Academic Standards (pdf)
Educators can learn how the Secrets of the Silk Road exhibition links to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and national curriculum standards. Discover connections to the arts and humanities, science and technology, social studies, geography, and other subjects.