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Event Calendar

Silk Road Programming
Penn Museum has organized a diverse schedule of educational and entertaining programs and events around the Secrets of the Silk Road exhibition. See a full list of events.
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For Kids and Families

At-Home Activities
Bring the food, crafts, and science of the Silk Road into your home! Create dough twists, felt, mummies, and other objects inspired by those on view in the Secrets of the Silk Road exhibition with these step-by-step projects.

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Great AdventuresGreat Adventures along the Silk Road
First Wednesday of every month from October to June

From mummies to Marco Polo to military warfare to the Black Death... Explore the many adventures the Silk Road has to offer in this monthly lecture series on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00pm from October to June.

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Secrets of the Silk Road Symposium

Reconfiguring the Silk Road: New Research on East-West Exchange in Antiquity
March 19, 2011


This public symposium was the first major event in over fifteen years to center on the history of the Silk Road and the origins of the mysterious Tarim Basin mummies. Since the last milestone conference was held on the topic at the Penn Museum in 1996, new archeological discoveries and scholarly advances have been made, creating a need to critically reshape the very idea of the “Silk Road.” Major topics of discussion include ancient transportation and economies, the origins of early westerners in Central Asia, the excavations of textiles in Xinjiang, and a reinvestigation of the Tarim Basin mummies. Distinguished speakers include David W. Anthony, Elizabeth Wayland Barber, Peter Brown, Michael D. Frachetti, Philip L. Kohl, Victor Mair, J.P. Mallory, Joseph G. Manning, and Colin Renfrew.

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