Advisory Board

Penn Cultural Heritage Center Advisory Board

  • Douglas T. Dietrich, WG00
    CEO, Minerals Technologies Inc.
  • Matthew Berman, C94
    Foresters Financial™ Life Insurance, U.S.
  • Julia A. Brinjac, C08, G11
    Policy Director, Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities
  • Peter G. Gould, Ph.D., LPS10
    Consulting Scholar, Penn Cultural Heritage Center
    Adjunct Research Faculty, Indiana University
  • Gretchen R. Hall, Ph.D., CGS97
    Retired Chemist, ExxonMobil
    Consulting Scholar and Volunteer (since 2000), Penn Museum Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory
  • Rakesh “Rocky” Motwani, W00
    Co-Founder and CFO, Jiko
  • Paul Rissman, Ph.D., C78, GR85
    Co-Founder, Rights Co-Lab
    Former Executive Vice President, AllianceBernstein
  • Lois Segel, College for Women
    LS Consultants
    Former Advertising Director, Archaeology Magazine, Former International Sales Manager, The Washington Post
  • Edward J. Solomon, W76
    Founder, Proactive Distribution, Inc.
  • Matthew J. Storm, C94, WG00
    Founding Partner & Chief Operating Officer, CV Advisors, LLC
  • Jill Weber, Ph.D., GR06
    Near Eastern Archaeologist