University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Jane C. Goodale

The Tiwi Dance for the Dead

Photo of Tiwi children

By: Jane C. Goodale

From April through August 1954, the National Geographic Society sponsored an expedition to Melville Island, Australia, led by Mr. C. P. Mountford of Australia, to study the art, myth, and ceremony of the Tiwi. Miss Goodale accompanied Mr. Mountford to gather material for her Ph.D. dissertation on the Tiwi objects for the University Museum. After […]

Sketches of Tiwi Children

4 children

By: Jane C. Goodale

Readers of Miss Goodale’s account of Tiwi funeral ceremonies in the Fall 1959 number of EXPEDITION will remember that the Tiwi are one of the aboriginal tribes of Australia, and that a group of approximately 180 of them are living at the Australian Government Settlement at snake Bay on Melville Island, where they are learning […]

Imlohe and The Mysteries of The Passismanua, Southwest New Britain

By: Jane C. Goodale

There was a man called Imlohe, the young man, Gospo, began his story. Imlohe made a very big garden–as big as from here (Umbi) to Angus (three miles away). In the garden Imlohe planted taro, yams, bananas, sugar (cane) and bega (a ‘green’). There was a woman with a new born baby and two older […]