University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Jean MacIntosh Turfa

Etruscan Sandals: Fancy Footwear from the Sixth Century BC

What in the World

By: Ann Blair Brownlee and Jean MacIntosh Turfa

In October of 2002, three new galleries will join “The Ancient Greek World” to form a suite devoted to the cultures of ancient Greece and Italy. In developing “The Etruscan World,” we had the wonderful experi­ence of working with one of the most important Etruscan collections in the country. Although many of the objects are […]

Buried in the Height of Fashion

Research Notes

By: Jean MacIntosh Turfa

“Lock of hair from the skull of the skeleton” was penned in a bold 19th century hand across the lid of an old yellow and red cardboard box used to store visiting cards. Crouching over the drawer, I pulled it out. Could it really hold ancient hair from an Italian tomb? Sometimes discoveries occur in […]

Telmu and Petrui: A Rediscovered Romance?

What in the World?

By: Jean MacIntosh Turfa

Some rare evidence for social change in ancient Etruria reposes in the Penn Museum’s Mediterranean Section, in two large ovoid urns inscribed with Etruscan names. Even empty, the vases tell an unusual story about life in Etruria during the Roman takeover (ca. 350-100 BC). The Iron Age tradition of using the family’s water jars for burials […]