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University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Digital Kourion


Project History

Project History

Learn about the history of Kourion and about the people who conducted Penn’s excavations there.

Excavation Team

Excavation Team

Read about the archaeologists, artists, and excavators—the many people responsible for unearthing history in Kourion.

Kourion Collections

35 mm Slides

Look at newly digitized slides and photographs of the excavations, objects, and sites taken during the excavations.

Objects from Kourion

View hundreds of objects from the various archaeological sites in Kourion. Learn about the conservation effort of these objects.

Kourion Seal - Objects from Kourion

Kourion Sites

Kourion Excavation Sites

Learn more about archaeological sites in Kourion. View objects, records, and photos from these sites.

George McFadden

Read a short biography of the archaeologist and leader of the Kourion expedition, George McFadden.

George McFadden