University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Native NameKris
Object Number: P4669A
Current Location: Collections storage
Provenience: Java (uncertain)
Length: 47.5cm


Somewhat wavy, wide, fuzzy double-edged blade with medial ridge (Groneman 247 Fig 15); 3 curves, pamor throughout, wos wutah especially towards base (Groneman 245 & 247 Fig 12); well-made blade base: trunk, small protrusion, lips, hollow on short end, parallel center grooves, dentiform frets on long end; small, plain, flat, unbeaded metal mendak; very loose metal selut band with leafy imprints; nearly upright Java eastern floral? (Frey 47, 48 Fig. 10l) pierced and carved ivory hilt with geometric cross-hatched pattern on one side and cricular holes on others, slightly curved sidewise


[Book] Groneman, Isaac. 2009. The Javanese Kris. Type Citation : Page/Fig./Plate: pp. 245 & 247 (Fig 12, Fig 15)View Objects related to this Type Citation
[Book] Frey, Edward. 1988. The Kris: Mystic Weapon of the Malay World. Type Citation : Page/Fig./Plate: 47, 48 Fig 10lView Objects related to this Type Citation

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