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Many videos contain archival or historical content, which might include language or imagery that is outdated, offensive, or incorrect or culturally sensitive topics such as names and recordings of deceased individuals.

We update records and images regularly and encourage and welcome members of descendant communities, scholars, and others to contact us with feedback, questions, or concerns.

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2020-2021 Lecture Series

Great Monuments

Monuments have been constructed throughout history—but why, how, and to what end? Join acclaimed Penn faculty and invited special guests as they examine the definition of a monument, what monuments of the past mean to the world today, whether they hold deeper or changed significance than when they were first created, if their purposes have shifted over time, and many more questions.

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2021-2022 Lecture Series

Great Revolutionaries

Throughout history, there have been outstanding leaders and change-makers that have guided societies through times of great difficulty and triumph. Explore the stories behind a diverse mix of revolutionaries who brought dramatic change to their societies from ancient times to today.

Jackal in a God's Clothing

Dr. Jennifer Wegner tells us about the importance of dogs in ancient Egypt and the role they played in everyday life and religion. A relative of the dog, the jackal, appears in Egyptian religion as overseers of the dead and some dogs have been found to be buried alongside their owners. Please note that this video contains photos and video of human remains.

Close up of a Foo Lions statue foot.

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