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The Penn Museum has an extensive collection of archival films (that have been digitized) and born-digital videos covering a range of archaeological and anthropological topics. More than 1,100 online resources can be browsed via their thumbnails below or via the dropdown menu under Videos on the top navbar. Alternatively, this simple search function allows discovery via content available in the video and film titles.

Mexico 1939 Reel 4 of 6

Mexico 1939 Reel 5 of 6

Mexico 1939 Reel 3 of 6

Mexico 1940 Reel 1 of 4

Mexico 1939 Reel 6 of 6

Royal Tombs of Ur

Tahiti Reel 1: (1940s)

Darjeeling 1930

Nigeria's Benin Kingdom

Singapore 1930