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Granite Sphinx of Ramses II.

Granite Sphinx of Ramses II

The sphinx, a lion with a human head, represents the power of the Egyptian king, both to protect his people and to conquer the enemies of Egypt.

Puteoli Marble Block.

Puteoli Marble Block

A marble block over five feet in height that originally formed part of a monumental statue of the Emperor Domitian, who ruled between 81 and 96 AD (or CE)

Crystal Ball.

Crystal Ball

It is the fourth largest crystal sphere in the world, the origins of the crystal sphere are a mystery.

Stela 14.

Stela 14

This and other stelae from Piedras Negras played a key role in the decipherment of Maya history.

Taizong Horses.

Taizong Horses

Two stone horse reliefs in the Asian collection are considered by many to be among the most important examples of Chinese sculpture outside of China.

Queen Puabi's Headdress.

Queen Puabi's Headdress

This ornate headdress and pair of earrings were found with the body of Queen Puabi in the Royal Cemetery at Ur.

Ram in the Thicket.

Ram in the Thicket

Sir Leonard Woolley dubbed this statuette the "ram caught in a thicket" as an allusion to the biblical story of Abraham sacrificing a ram.

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