About Online Collections

The Penn Museum provides information about its collections to the public via an online database that draws upon the Museum's EMu collections management system. As a work in progress, the Museum continuously strives to improve both the quantity and quality of the data contained within the online database.

Currently, the online database contains more than 379,499 object records representing 1,141,045 objects (or components of objects) with 259,376 images illustrating 84,360 object records.

Publication of the Museum's collections data is rooted in an ideal of open access. Core details about Museum objects are available for the majority of the Museum's digitized object records. Note, however, that not all records included herein have been reviewed for completeness or accuracy. That process is ongoing and the Museum would welcome your assistance in drawing our attention to any particularly egregious omissions or inaccuracies. Some object records and/or details are not available for public access due to issues of cultural sensitivity or based on other considerations. If you have any questions or concerns about the objects or object information that you discover in this database, please email digitalmedia@pennmuseum.org and cite the relevant object number(s).

Please contact us before publishing object information taken from this website as not all records have been reviewed for accuracy.

Images may not be used for print publication or commercial purposes without written approval from the Penn Museum. To request licensing of an image for print publication or commercial use, or to request publication-quality photography of an object, please email photos@pennmuseum.org.

All information (data, images, and text) on the Penn Museum's website are made available for limited non-commercial, educational, and personal use only, or for fair use as defined in the United States copyright laws:

Website users may link to, embed, or download these files for use motivated by private interest only. You are free to copy and adapt the images as long as you credit the Museum: "Object [insert object number(s)]. Courtesy of the Penn Museum." and in no way suggest an endorsement of you or your use of the image or content.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I use a Penn Museum image for my school report or use in my classroom?
May I use a Penn Museum image to put on a CD, DVD, or other portable media device?
Yes, if it is for non-commercial, personal, or academic purposes, and the number of copies is limited to five.
May I use a Penn Museum image on my personal webpage, Facebook wall, blog, Twitter feed, or other social media account?
Yes, but images must include the credit line: "Object [insert object number(s)]. Courtesy of the Penn Museum." Please include a link to https://www.penn.museum.
May I use a Penn Museum image on an educational website?
Yes, if the site is non-profit in nature.
May I use a Penn Museum image for a print publication?
Only with permission from the Penn Museum and payment of usage fee. Please email photos@pennmuseum.org.
Can I modify or adapt the images in any way?
Yes, but you must not distort, mutilate, or modify the images in a way that is derogatory or prejudicial to the Penn Museum and its intellectual property. All Penn Museum imagery and content must be represented appropriately and accurately.
Can I modify or adapt the images for an advertisement on the web or in print?
Can I modify or adapt the images to promote Penn Museum programming, research, or editorial content on my website or print advertisement?

Penn Museum's EMu collections management system and this online database have been made possible by grants from the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative and the William Penn Foundation, and support from the Kowalski Family Fund for Digital Initiatives and A. Bruce and Margaret Mainwaring.


For general inquiries: digitalmedia@pennmuseum.org
For image requests: photos@pennmuseum.org