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Object Number:C404
Current Location: China Gallery
Currently On Display
Provenience: China
Period: Northern Qi Dynasty
Date Made: 551 AD
Early Date: 551
Late Date: 551
Low relief
High Relief
Life of the Buddha
Height: 99cm
Width: 51cm
Depth: 28cm
Credit Line:Purchased from C. T. Loo, 1923


Votive stela. Carved block of grey limestone with a brownish patina. Recess in front contains figures in high relief; sides are carved with scenes in very low relief; the top is curved and supports the arched bodies of three double-headed dragons; the back is inscribed. The original inscription was probably erased to make room for the one now there which tells of the restoration of the stela in 1561 CE; this is followed by the names of distinguished personages; then there is a history of the stela in which it is stated that the monument was dedicated in the 2nd year of the Tianbao reign period of the Northern Qi (551 CE). In the central scene of this stela, the Buddha is surrounded by an assembly of monks, bodhisattvas, and priests. Above this, two figures sit debating the Buddhist truths. Vimalakirti, a Buddhist layman, is on the right holding a fan and Manjusri, the bodhisattva of wisdom, is on the left. The scene is from Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra which introduced the concept that enlightenment could be attained by laymen and not only be ascetic monks, thus promoting Buddhism among the Chinese intellectual elite.

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