University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Object Number:MS3342B
Current Location: Collections Storage
Provenience: Italy
Period: 19th Century
Outside Diameter:3.3 cm
Credit Line:Museum Purchase; subscription of John Wanamaker, 1896


Flat fairly heavy disc of gold has border of one very thin plain wire, a circle of very large granulated wire (often tending to be spool wire), and then a circle of filigree wire standing in a tight curved wave pattern. This is paired with another filigree circle of the same pattern, and both together enclose a band consisting of sixteen pins with hemispherical heads. Each of the pin heads is covered by granulation and is in its own compartment formed by the filigree circles and filigree crosswalls of the same pattern, four waves wide. Within the inner filigree circle is a band of three wires, one wide spool/granulated wire between two smaller twisted wires. The center is taken up by a large floral rosette, formed of three layers of petals, bottom of 12, middle of 9, top of 6. In top center is another pin with granulated hemispherical head. Petals all bordered by plain wire and covered by granules. Back of disc has 17 hemispherical gold rivet heads for the pins and the remains of a hollow tube which would be used for suspension. Differs from MS3342A in that it is missing one and a half crosswalls, upper layer of 6 petals, and one hemispherical rivet. Covered by resinous deposits which have been partially cleaned off.

Current & Past Exhibitions:

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