From: Egypt | Thebes (uncertain) (Egypt)

Curatorial Section: Egyptian

Object Number CG2018-5-1.2
Current Location Collections Storage
Provenience Egypt | Thebes (uncertain) (Egypt)
Section Egyptian

King Akoris appears in the presence of various deities. On the left, the king (wearing first the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, then the white crown of Upper Egypt) is introduced by the falcon-headed god of Thebes, Montu. The king offers maat (the divine principle behind world order) to the seated god Amun-Re of Karnak, whose consort, Mut, stands behind him. The lion-headed goddess Sekhmet shakes two rattles before Amun-Re. On the right, the King (wearing the red crown of Lower Egypt) is introduced by the god Atum. The King offers wine jars to the seated moon god, Khonsu (the son of Amun and Mut) whose consort stands behind him. The goddess of the local district of Thebes presents him with a papyrus scepter, bow, and arrows.

Height 7.62 cm
Length 66.67 cm
Width 67.31 cm
Other Number E14317 - Associated Object Number

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