Java 1955 Reel 5 of 24

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:37
Film ID F16-0085
Film Description Reel 5 of 24
Unedited travelogue
(Kintner @ 2:39)


1955: Reel 5: Java. July 3-9. Surakarta [Solo], Semarang. Kudus.

Extruding apparatus--large, (note: plunger and log-beam lever forcing
plunger down, forcing food mixture through a mesh die. )
A grinding mill with large wheel operated by ox. [mws]
"Sherbet" stand.
Street scenes.
Woman with medicinal poultice on forehead, chewing paan [cu]
Street and market scenes.
Women with cud, possibly paan. [cu]
Mr. Kintner on bicycle rickshaw . [mws]
Batik factory.
Market scenes.
Java classical dance at night, possibly the Ramayana. [mws]
Merapi. (smoking volcano, 9,450 feet high).
Mechanical loom.
Woodcarver. (32 tools, apparently no sketch.) [cu]
Medicine man.
Wood carving, shallow bas relief, Hindu themes.
Multi-colored cake.
Lantern using lamp bulbs, [cu]
Steps in side of canal.
German engine, 1901 center drive. [mws]
Cigarette manufacturing--by hand.
Two ox-carts.
Carrying poles.
Market place.
Barber shop.
Narrow street.
Narrow canal.
Spun sugar. Four children [mws]
Chinese temple.
Various scenes of street.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Indonesia, Java, Solo, Surakarta, Semarang, Kudus, Batik, Textiles, Marketplaces, Mosques, Dancing, Dance
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