What In The World 6 (ca. 1952)

Category: Educational

Length: 29:26

Film Description British version of "What in the World"

BBC's "Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral"

HOST: Dr. Froelich Rainey

-Dr. Alfred Kidder - UPenn; authority of people and cultures of the New World
-Jacques Lipchitz - sculptor
-Dr. Robert Eddinghausen - Freer Galleries, Smithsonian Institution

Item #1
Sheath for Dao or Headhunters Axe ("kitchen wear" "knife case"); Southern Sangtam Nagas, Assam. N.E. India;

Item #2
Finger mask; used by women dancers in ceremonial festivals; Bering Strait, Alaska; Eskimo; late 19th Century

Item #3
Foot bone of an elephant used as an anvil; found in England; 40,000 BC; Paleolithic Era;

Item #4
Fossil; vertebrae of a fish like reptile; may have been used as a spindle wheel; found in Yorkshire, England; 150 million years ago

Item #5
Bamboo toy pop gun; Uganda ; dated in the last 30yrs[1920s].
Video Category Educational