What In The World 4 (ca. 1952)

Category: Educational

Length: 28:28

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PRODUCER: WCAU TV (CBS, Philadelphia)

HOST: Dr. Froelich Rainey

-Jacques Lipchitz - sculptor
-Vincent Price - actor; collector of art objects
-Dr. Carleton Coon - expert on the Middle East; anthropologist; winner of Viking Medal for psychical anthropology

Item #1
Wood carving in the form of a crocodile;New Guinea; placed in time early 20th century;painted red; apart of the house; symbolizes danger-"makes you brave"

Item #2
Ancient limestone figure of a hippopotamus with two heads (mother and baby); Thebes, Egypt; dated between 1st cent. BC-1st cent. AD; Ptolemaic Roman period; found in the Temple of Tod; represents the goddess Taueret

Item #3
Mask; Ivory Coast (West Africa); late 19th century;used by females in traditional dances; represents spirits; Baule tribe

Item #4
Spear point (bronze); Scandinavia; 10,000-5,000 BC Neolithic period;

Item #5
Ancient animal head made of volcanic stone; represent crocodile; Costa Rica; 12th-15th cent. AD

Item #6
Painted pottery jar in the shape of a human with hump back; Panama; 14th-15th cent AD

Item #7
Tobacco pipe; Borneo; end of the 19th century
Video Category Educational

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