"What In The World" 3 (ca. 1952)

Category: Educational

Length: 28:49

Film Description PRODUCER: WCAU TV (CBS, Philadelphia)

HOST: Dr. Froelich Rainey

-Dr. Carleton Coon
-Dr. Ralph Linton - winner of Viking Medal; author of text books; Yale University professor of Anthropology
-Dr. Alfred Kidder - UPenn; authority of people and cultures of the New World

Item #1
Iron bird (black feathered diver); represent deities; made in Siberia; hung on shaman (priest) robes; dates to the last cent (19th).;Tungus people of Siberia

Bering Sea off St. Lawrence Island (Punuk Island); ivory carving of two (2) winged figures; beginning of Christian Era 100 AD; Okvik culture

Columbia (near the Magdalena River on the coast); lid of a pottery jar; found in a tomb; 12th-15th centuries; eyes suggests Americas;

Arm band made of shell; Indonesia; late 19th or early 20th cent.;clam shell; Island of Nias "occupied by pagan people" famous for their sculptures and metal work

Woman clay figurine; Brazil; Amazonian; Xingu River made about ten years ago-1940s;

Ancient times; Palestine; Byzantine Era; 4th-6th cent AD; used as on a doorknob; found in Besan, Palestine [today Gaza]; famous for Egyptian deposit; Post-Roman
Video Category Educational
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