Mongolia, NGO B Roll : Puji B Roll and Interview (2000) Part 2

Category: Exhibiton Related

Length: 37:02
Film ID V-450-29b
Film Description In the summer of 2000 Dr. Paula L.W. Sabloff traveled to Mongolia to film nomadic people today in conjunction with an exhibit that was to be put on at Penn Museum the following year, entitled Modern Mongolia, Reclaiming Genghis Khan. Dr. Sabloff was joined by cameraman Tom Gillern, and crew member Heather Marshall, who used a mini dv camera to videotape extensive interviews with Mongolian people from various backgrounds to give an overview of lifestyles today, as well as scenes of life on the Mongolian steppes. This collection contains the unedited tapes from the sessions, together with metadata gathered onsite. For further information on the exhibit please see the exhibition catalog, Modern Mongolia, Reclaiming Genghis Khan, Paula L.W. Sabloff ed., University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and the National Museum of Mongolian History, Ulaanbator. 2001. NGO (Burmaa) B Roll -- her office, ntl parliament on TV in NMMH NGO = Women for Social Progress 0:00 Burmaa's NGO watching parliament on T.V. 9:00 UB City Shot wide fr Mongol TV station windows 11:00 Pull out / Puji B Roll 12:00 Puji at construction site 20:00 Walking with cell phone 36:00 Interview w Puji
Video Category Exhibiton Related
Topics Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Ulan Bator